Speaker Series

Spring 2020 speakers

Michael Uslan

Michael Uslan

Feb. 1

Executive producer of the "Batman" movies

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Bill Whitaker

Bill Whitaker

March 6

"60 Minutes" correspondent

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Jad Abumrad, Radiolab host, speaks on stage.
Jad Abumrad

"Radiolab" host


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Rafat Ali

Skift founder and CEO

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Paula Apsell and Douglas Hamilton, Nova producers, speak at an interview on stage.
Paula Apsell and Douglas Hamilton

"Nova" producers

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Ken Auletta, author and journalist, speaks at a podium in front of an IU background.
Ken Auletta

Author and journalist

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James Balog

Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker

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Dan Balz, Washington Post correspondent, speaks at a podium for a SGIS event.
Dan Balz

Washington Post correspondent 


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Michael Beschloss, presidential historian, speaks at an Indiana University podium.
Michael Beschloss

Presidential historian


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Walt Bogdanich, New York Times investigative journalist
Walt Bogdanich

New York Times investigative journalist 


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Katherine Boo, author and journalist, speaks at a podium.
Katherine Boo

Author and journalist 


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David Brooks, New York Times columnist, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
David Brooks

New York Times columnist 


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Joe Buck, FOX Sports broadcaster, speaks at a interview on stage.
Joe Buck

FOX Sports broadcaster 


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James Burke, science historian, television producer and author
James Burke

Science historian, television producer and author 

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John F. Burns, New York Times London bureau chief, speaks at a podium.
John F. Burns

New York Times London bureau chief 


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Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post senior editor and author
Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Washington Post senior editor and author


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Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic journalist and author
Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Atlantic journalist and author


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Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper

Anchor of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°"

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Michel du Cille, Melissa Farlow and Bill Foley stand together at the Will Counts Memorial Lecture.
Will Counts Memorial Lecture on Photojournalism

Michel du Cille, BA’85; Melissa Farlow, BA’84; and Bill Foley, ’77, BA’07

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Fred de Sam Lazaro, PBS NewsHour correspondent
Fred de Sam Lazaro

"PBS NewsHour" correspondent 


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Frank Deford, NPR commentator, Sports Illustrated sportswriter, correspondent, writer and novelist
Frank Deford

NPR commentator, Sports Illustrated sportswriter, television correspondent, screenplay writer and novelist 


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Eric Deggans, NPR TV critic
Eric Deggans

NPR TV critic


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E.J. Dionne, Washington Post columnist, speaks at a podium.
E.J. Dionne

Washington Post columnist 


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Bob Dotson, NBC correspondent
Bob Dotson

NBC correspondent


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Leonard Downie, Former Washington Post executive editor
Leonard Downie

Former Washington Post executive editor 


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Dave Eggers, author, speaks during an interview.
Dave Eggers



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Andrew Ferguson, author and Weekly Standard editor
Andrew Ferguson

Author and Weekly Standard editor 


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Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist and author
Thomas Freidman

New York Times columnist and author


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Elizabeth Gilbert, author, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Elizabeth Gilbert



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Maggie Haberman

New York Times White House correspondent

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David Halberstam, journalist and historian
David Halberstam

Journalist and historian


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Seymour Hersh, journalist, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Seymour Hersh



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Peter Hessler, New Yorker staff writer
Peter Hessler

New Yorker staff writer


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Maria Hinojosa, broadcast producer and reporter, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Maria Hinojosa

Broadcast producer and reporter


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Christopher Hitchens, journalist
Christopher Hitchens



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Gerry Kern and Paul Tash speak at the Roy W. Howard Lecture on Media Leadership.
Roy W. Howard Lecture on Media Leadership

Gerry Kern, BA’71; Paul Tash, BA’76; and moderator Carrie Ritchie, BAJ’08

Matt Hunziker and Michael Gillis, The Onion staff writers, speak at a podium.
Matt Hunziker and Michael Gillis

The Onion staff writers

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David Ignatius, Washington Post columnist
David Ignatius

Washington Post columnist


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Carolyn Jones, photographer and filmmaker, stands at The Media School podium.
Carolyn Jones

Photographer and filmmaker


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Mike Kelley and Susan Kelly
Mike Kelley

TV writer/producer

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Paula Kerger, PBS CEO and president
Paula Kerger

PBS CEO and president


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Gerould Kern, Chicago Tribune editor
Gerould Kern

Chicago Tribune editor


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Asma Khalid, NPR reporter
Asma Khalid

NPR reporter


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Andrea Koppel, former CNN broadcast journalist
Andrea Koppel

Former CNN broadcast journalist 


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Steve Kroft, CBS 60 Minutes correspondent, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Steve Kroft

CBS "60 Minutes" correspondent 


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Lisa Ling, National Geographic Explorer host, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Lisa Ling

National Geographic "Explorer" host 


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Lara Logan, CBS chief foreign correspondent
Lara Logan

CBS chief foreign correspondent 


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David Margolick, author
David Margolick



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Mira Nair, film director, speaks at a podium.
Mira Nair

Film director


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Sylvia Nasar, author, journalist and professor
Sylvia Nasar

Author, journalist and professor


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Sonia Nazario, journalist and author
Sonia Nazario

Journalist and author


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James Neff, deputy managing editor of the Philadelphia Media Network
James Neff

Investigative reporter and editor


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Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson, NPR correspondent, speaks at The Media School podium.
Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson

NPR correspondent


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Robert Nickelsberg, photojournalist, speaks in front of a projection screen.
Robert Nickelsberg



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Michele Norris, NPR’s All Things Considered host speaks with students during an event.
Michele Norris

NPR's "All Things Considered" host


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Ken Paulson, USA Today editor, stands on stage and holds a newspaper.
Ken Paulson

USA Today editor


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Byron Pitts, CBS Evening News correspondent and 60 Minutes contributor
Byron Pitts

"CBS Evening News" correspondent and "60 Minutes" contributor


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James Portnow, game designer
James Portnow

Game designer


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Anna Quindlen, journalist and author
Anna Quindlen

Journalist and author


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Alexandra Robbins, investigative journalist
Alexandra Robbins

Investigative journalist


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Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter, speaks on an interview panel in front of an audience.
Bruce Joel Rubin



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William Safire, commentator
William Safire



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David Sanger, author and New York Times correspondent, speaks at a Maurer School of Law podium.
David Sanger

Author and New York Times correspondent 


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Vivian Schiller, NPR CEO, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Vivian Schiller



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Michael Schultz, director and producer of television, film and theater
Michael Schultz

Film and TV director


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Aman Sethi, Hindustan Times editor
Aman Sethi

Hindustan Times editor


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Sage Steele, ESPN television host
Sage Steele

ESPN television host


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Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post columnist, sits for an interview.
Margaret Sullivan

Washington Post columnist


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Gay Talese, journalist and author, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Gay Talese

Journalist and author


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Nina Totenberg, NPR legal affairs correspondent
Nina Totenberg

NPR legal affairs correspondent 


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Jose Antonio Vargas, journalist and documentary filmmaker
Jose Antonio Vargas

Journalist and documentary filmmaker


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Elena Volochine, France 24 Moscow bureau chief, speaks at a podium.
Elena Volochine

International journalist and documentary filmmaker


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Margaret Warner, PBS NewsHour chief foreign correspondent
Margaret Warner

"PBS NewsHour" chief foreign correspondent


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Katharine Weymouth, Washington Post publisher
Katharine Weymouth

Washington Post publisher


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Bob Woodward, Washington Post assistant managing editor, speaks at a School of Journalism podium.
Bob Woodward

Washington Post assistant managing editor


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Sheryl WuDunn, author and journalist
Sheryl WuDunn

Author and journalist 


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Jeff Zaslow, author and columnist
Jeff Zaslow

Author and columnist


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