What kind of storyteller are you?

Whether you’re a freshly minted high school graduate or a scholar in the making, if your passion is telling, researching or analyzing stories, you belong at The Media School.

We offer four undergraduate degrees, three graduate programs and 13 minors and certificates.

No matter which program you choose, you’ll spend equal time in the classroom learning and out in the field “doing.” You’ll be encouraged to engage in research. To get out there and create media. And to put what you learn to work in an internship or travel experience.

You'll graduate ready to join the ranks of successful Media School alumni all over the world.

Sehvilla Mann

The journalism education I received at IU guides every day of my work as a professional reporter.

Sehvilla Mann, MA’13, reporter for WMUK at Western Michigan University

Not a Media School major? Complement your degree with one of our nine minors and certificates.

Graduate studies

Description of the video:

I think what fascinates me about my work is that I constantly feel inspired in this program. There's a lot of brilliant minds here in terms of not just the professors, but also the other graduate students as well. It's a great environment.

You know, we do media here, and we do it very well. The production facilities in terms of television and film production, in terms of game design, journalism, all of these are industry-quality studio and production spaces. You know, I think to be a well-rounded filmmaker, you have to be able to have the creative side as well as a business side, so I think that The Media School's given me exposure to both.

But for students in our master of science program, the benefit of the degree is that they get the hands-on experience. It's a project-based degree. Our faculty have been in the industry, they've worked in these different positions that students want to get to, and so they know what it takes to be successful.

I wanted to go to a school that had a great sports tradition and also was very good at journalism as well.

Students in the Ph.D. degree, the goal for them at the end of the program is to be experts in their area of study, and they're emerging ready to go into academia, get jobs as professors and be leaders in their research field and chosen area.

I think that I've always wanted to work in academia, but The Media School has really helped me realize what that entails and confirmed that that is what I want to do.

The variety of research that the professors do here themselves and being able to go to them for advice on the type of methods that I'd like to use to answer my research questions has been really valuable.

Having the opportunity to teach here at IU has definitely opened my eyes to how much I enjoy it. So it's this exciting feeling to just, like there's a horizon stretching out in front of me, I don't have to get so hyper-focused yet.



Our graduate programs will prepare you for either a career in the media industry or a position in academia.

If you’re interested in gaining professional skills, our Master of Science in media is for you. Choose one of five concentrations: data journalism, design and production, journalism, management and strategic communication.

If you’re more interested in a scholarly path, opt for a Master of Arts or a Ph.D. in media arts and sciences. Both options will prepare you for a career in media research and analysis, or academia.

No matter which graduate degree program you choose, you’ll study with top faculty in state-of-the-art facilities, with a wide variety of research resources available to you.

Precollege programs

You don’t have to be in college to study at The Media School.

Every summer, we offer three programs for high school students who’ve already identified their passion for media: the High School Journalism Institute, the Cinema Academy and Game Development Camp.

We also host the Scripps Regional Spelling Bee, where area students compete for the regional title.

Learn more about our precollege programs