Precollege Programs

Cinema Academy 

Description of the video:

Video fades in.

A Cinema Academy student applies costume makeup to another student's face.

An instructor sits with arms crossed and stares off-camera to the right, speaking.

Camera pans to the left over Cinema Academy students.

Three students set up a camera.

Cinema Academy instructor addresses a room of students.

A group of students help a classmate put on a motion capture suit.

Motion capture footage of two avatars is displayed on a computer monitor.

A student holds a light for filming on set.

Three students laugh while watching a film screening in a theater.

Two students discuss while standing behind a camera.

A bright light shines over the shoulder of a student carrying a camera.

Two students dressed in motion capture suits face each other with fighting stances.

A student views a motion capture avatar on a computer monitor.

The camera focuses on a student behind a camera.

The focus shifts to two students standing behind a film set modeled after a bar.

Information page fades in. "The Media School Cinema Academy. Scholarships are available. Learn more and register now at"

Fade to black.

The Cinema Academy provides in-depth experiential learning opportunities for student filmmakers of all calibers and interests. Students spend the week on campus hearing from filmmakers, attending film screenings and creating their own short films.

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Game Development Camp

Description of the video:

Video fades in. Two Game Dev Camp students chat 
in front of a computer monitor displaying a game.

Close-up on a student’s hands typing on a computer keyboard.

Camera pans up to show a row of students working at computers.

The camera looks over a student’s shoulder to see a game development software on a computer monitor.

A student playtests their 2D pixel game project on a computer.

A 3D model in a game development engine is displayed on a monitor.

A student previews a short character animation they made in pixel art.

A student works in a game development software.

A Game Dev Camp counselor chats with students over a computer monitor.

Student playtests their 2D platformer game project.

Students test 3D game engines.

Information page fades in. “The Media School Game Development Camp. Scholarships are available! Learn more and register now at” 

Fade to black

Game Development Camp teaches the basics of game design through the very same tools professional companies and studios use to create their work. The camp teaches both 2D and 3D design, and students are encouraged to sign up for whichever they find more interesting, or try their hand at both.

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