Media Management, Law and Policy

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Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies


The Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies researches the legal protection of media rights in Indiana, the United States and the world. The center studies free expression rights, educates the public and develops opportunities for students. Its many activities include organizing and co-sponsoring seminars and events related to free expression and matching students with internships at press freedom organizations.

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Whether you dream of a career at a media conglomerate or creating your own small business, the media management, law and policy concentration will equip you with the industry know-how and practical project management skills you need. Use this concentration to launch a career as a station manager, freelancer, policy advisor or information analyst, among others.

Tania Tawil

We’re in a fascinating time where technology is moving faster than ever, and content is becoming exponentially more varied and plentiful.

Tania Tawil, BA’96, vice president of client services, Kobie Marketing