Strategic Communication


Institute for Communication Research

Test the effectiveness of your strategic messages in the Institute for Communication Research, where the latest in audience research facilities and technology — from eye trackers and biometric measures to focus group rooms with video recording capabilities — allow Media School M.S. students to support their strategies with data.

Strategic Communication Research Lab

The Strategic Communication Research Lab is a Media School research group that supports faculty and graduate students in the pursuit and publication of research in strategic communication. Relevant fields include advertising, marketing, advocacy, development communication, communication management and public relations.


With an MS concentration in strategic communication, you’ll graduate with the tools you need to take your communication career to a new level, whether you are working for a corporation, government organization or nonprofit as a media specialist, communications director or marketing strategist.

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Carolyn Duncan

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am, or as confident a writer, today without my IU education.

Carolyn Duncan, MA’12, senior marketing content specialist at Ball State University