Cinema and Media Studies

What you’ll learn

  • to analyze cinema, television, digital and aural media by applying a variety of theoretical and historical concepts 
  • to interpret and evaluate information from a critical perspective 
  • to consider the impacts and influence of various media forms on society 

Extracurricular opportunities

People watching a movie at the IU Cinema

IU Cinema


The IU Cinema presents a variety of films across genres and provides opportunities for attendees to hear from directors, actors, writers, producers and others who create cinema. A Media School affiliate, students have the chance to take full advantage of all the IU Cinema has to offer. With more than 300 events each year, there's programming for everyone, from screenings of rarely shown films to talks by the filmmakers behind popular movies. The IU Cinema also screens some student films, and you can become a volunteer. 

Visit the IU Cinema's website

Black Film Center/Archive


The Black Film Center/Archive is a resource for scholars, students and researchers studying films and related materials by and about African-Americans. Included are films that have substantial participation by African-Americans as writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians and consultants, as well as those that depict some aspect of Black experience.

Visit the BFC/A’s website

Center for Documentary Research and Practice


The Center for Documentary Research and Practice supports faculty and students who make documentaries; serves as a research hub for historical, theoretical and critical research on nonfiction film and video; and hosts visiting artists and scholars who are working on projects with nonfiction media components. The center provides direct assistance in the form of technological and creative support for projects, and it also serves as a forum for faculty and students to present completed and in-process work.

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This concentration will prepare you for graduate-level study in media and other fields of critical study, or for careers in the industry. Potential careers include media critic, film studies professor, media consultant and communications director, to name a few options. 

The flexibility of the program allowed me to explore all of my interests. Be open to the journey, and your passion will reveal itself along the way.

Ireland Meacham (they/them), BA’19, production coordinator for Audiation Inc.