Media Research

Possible careers

  • Media professor
  • Content design strategist
  • Information architect
  • Communications director
  • E-marketing entrepreneur
  • Media analyst
  • Data operations associate
  • Media strategist
  • Audience research manager
  • Media consultant
  • Researcher
  • Social scientist 
  • Research analyst 
  • Film scholar
A research participant with electrodes on her head works on a computer.

$66,000 average salary of a research analyst

10the number of hours per day an average American spends looking at screens

Margaret Aprison

I love my career because it’s a mix of educating myself and others. Uncovering facts, crafting data and sharing information with others to help them do their jobs better feels amazing.

Margaret Aprison, BA’11, digital and social listening specialist at The Boeing Company

Topics in Media History: Researching Media History

Examine topics in national and international media history, including movements and trends.

New Media

Develop a framework for understanding new media technologies in social contexts. Compare computing, networked digital media and social media to prior eras of technological change, focusing on interactions among technological, industrial, regulatory, social and cultural forces.

The Media School has one of the most productive student research records in the world, with students producing and publishing in and out of the classroom. Learn about our student research opportunities.

Black Film Center & Archive

The Black Film Center & Archive is a resource for scholars, students and researchers studying films and related materials by and about Black people.

Center for Documentary Research and Practice

The Center for Documentary Research and Practice serves as a research hub for historical, theoretical and critical research on nonfiction film and video, and hosts visiting artists and scholars who are working on projects with nonfiction media components.

Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies

The Center for International Media Law and Policy Studies researches the legal protection of media rights in Indiana, the United States and the world. The center studies free expression rights, educates the public and develops opportunities for students.