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Mary Kate Hamilton in front of a screen that says "IU NewsNet"

IU NewsNet

"IU NewsNet" is The Media School's signature news broadcast. Students in the Advanced Television News class produce, write, report, shoot, voice, edit and anchor the stories.

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IU podcast

Through the Gates

"Through the Gates" is a weekly conversation for the IU campus community, produced by The Media School and the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President, and hosted by Media School professor of practice Elaine Monaghan.

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In This Climate

In this Climate

"In This Climate" is a podcast from IU's Environmental Resilience Institute and The Media School, featuring conversations with scientists working toward solutions, legislation to watch and ways to remain resilient.

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On Topic with IU: COVID-19

On Topic with IU: COVID-19

“On Topic with IU: COVID-19” consults IU experts for advice on how to adapt to the "new normal" ushered in by coronavirus.

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Roy W. Howard

Roy W. Howard Archive

The Roy W. Howard Archive is a collection of letters representing Howard's correspondence with world leaders and contemporaries, international figures and journalists. 

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Logo of Indiana Environmental Reporter.

Indiana Environmental Reporter

The IER provides science and environmental information available through multiple outlets, including the "On Air" podcast.

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