Minors & Certificates



Develop skills in reporting, editing, ethics and law, and apply them to any multimedia platform.

Learn about the journalism certificate

New media and interactive storytelling

Learn to produce multimedia content using techniques employed by filmmakers, game designers, web programmers and more.

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Black cinema and media studies

Examine black filmmaking and media within historical, artistic, formal and national contexts. This minor is administered in consultation with the Black Film Center/Archive.

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Game design

Learn the fundamental skills of game technology and design, including basic programming, game design principles and project development skills.

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Global media

Consider media in a global context to understand how messages and concepts travel, shape opinion and impact the flow of intellectual capital and social concepts.

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Media and creative advertising

Learn to create and manage effective advertising messages, and to assess their impact and return on investment.

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Media and diversity

Examine how media break down old barriers at the same time that new types of digital divides arise.

Explore the media and diversity minor

Media law and ethics

Study the intersections of social institutions and practices with issues of professional and individual responsibility.

Explore the media law minor

Media persuasion

Investigate how media messages are crafted and how they work at both the technological and physiological levels.

Explore the media persuasion minor

Media, sex and gender

Explore the highly complex and controversial role that mediated messages about sexuality and gender play in contemporary society.

Explore the media, sex and gender minor