Career possibilities

  • Scriptwriter
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Director of photography
  • Television producer
  • Videographer
  • Sound designer
  • Podcast producer
A student operates a large camera on a TV set.

9%projected job growth for producers and directors by 2024

11%projected job growth for film and video editors by 2024

20pilots are ordered by a network in a typical year, but only six will air

Brandon Walsh

I enjoy using video to dive into someone else’s world. For me it’s often a fun practice in empathy.

Brandon Walsh, BA’14, video specialist at CVR and independent director
A student in a suit uses a video camera outside.

IU Student Television

Whether on campus or behind the scenes, IU Student Television allows you to gain experience in news, sports and entertainment TV production.

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Student filmmakers carry equipment and record video of actors dressed in scrubs.

Student Cinema Guild

IU’s Student Cinema Guild brings student filmmakers together to produce and enjoy film, and gain the experience and preparation they need to work in the entertainment industry. Students write, direct, produce and showcase their films. SCG provides support, equipment, monthly workshops and networking sessions for members.

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Featured internship

Sarah Opinsky interned at Jax Media in New York City, where she worked as a production assistant with Jax Media's affiliated shows. "For most internships that I have had, the work itself can be a bit simple, completing runs or doing coverage of a script for example, but the employers are really giving you an opportunity to get to know the people that work there and see what a professional workplace is like."