Rooms & Technology

In addition to rooms, the ICR is equipped with software and equipment available for researchers to reserve.

How to reserve your space

Please supply your approved IRB study number and any pertinent details in the message text box. Additional information may be requested by the research and creative activity coordinator before your request is approved.

If you plan to use the MSCH-C101 subject pool for your study, you will also need to submit a request.

Most meetings are best suited for the conference room (FF017), but if it is unavailable or a smaller meeting, the focus group room (FF012A) is a good backup option.

To reserve ICR space for a study or meeting, please use Outlook Calendars to schedule a new event. You will need to “invite” the requested space to the event. (Make sure to search for the room in the “people” line, not the “location” line.)

The calendar names are:

  • MSCH - ICR - FF009 - Interview
  • MSCH - ICR - FF011 - Data Analysis
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012A - Focus Group
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012B - Eye Tracking
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012C - Physiology
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012D - Physiology/EEG
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012E - iMotions Lab
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012M - Media Research I
  • MSCH - ICR - FF012N - Media Research II
  • MSCH - ICR - FF017 - Conference Room

We recommend you check the space’s availability before submitting the request. You can do this by opening the shared calendar for the room on Outlook. We also recommend you wait for your request to be approved before inviting others to the Outlook invitation.

You will receive an Outlook notification when your request has been approved or declined.


Contact Megan Connor, research and creative activity coordinator.