Gretchen A. Kemp Teaching Fellowship

Named for the late Gretchen A. Kemp, who taught at the school from 1948-74, The Media School’s Gretchen A. Kemp Teaching Fellowship recognizes excellence in teaching.

An effective teacher is one who:

  • Motivates students to be excited about the subject matter and to do excellent work (including student projects, theses and dissertations)
  • Is committed to rigorous standards of instruction and evaluation
  • Is current in the latest developments in the subjects he or she teaches

Please note that your nomination will be kept anonymous until after the semester is over, at which point it will be shared with your instructor. Please ensure your nomination explains precisely why you think this instructor deserves this award.


All full-time faculty members in The Media School's journalism unit are eligible, with the exception of the three most recently named Kemp fellows:

Nominations are due Dec. 1.