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Michael I. Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism


The Michael I. Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism teaches and produces top-tier investigative journalism covering the state of Indiana and beyond. As a student in the journalism M.S. concentration, you’ll earn 9–12 credit hours working as a fellow in the center.

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Student work

Arnolt Center students help launch nation’s first county-by-county COVID tracker

Students in The Media School’s Arnolt Center for Investigative Journalism were part of a team that created the first nationwide county-by-county coronavirus tracker.

The students worked with Arnolt Center partner Gray Television to track COVID-19 cases.

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The investigative journalism M.S. concentration will prepare you for a job as a multiplatform investigative reporter. Whether you apply your skills at a newspaper, TV station, website or documentary production company, you’ll be trained to produce thoughtful, thorough and ethical journalism.

Sehvilla Mann

The journalism education I received at IU guides every day of my work as a professional reporter. It was my professors at IU who taught me to ‘FOIA the leaders,’ and to understand the difference between ‘repeating’ the messages people give you and ‘reporting’ meaningfully on an issue.

Sehvilla Mann, MA’13, reporter for WMUK at Western Michigan University