Media Science

What you’ll learn

  • how to develop research skills to question, investigate and understand media messaging
  • how to analyze audiences and gauge message effectiveness
  • best practices in the creation and distribution of persuasive messages in media


Collaborate with professors specializing in everything from sex in the media and advertising clutter, to gendered representation in video games and the psychological effect of the media on youth. Our faculty are ranked among the top media researchers in the world.

Meet Media School faculty

How effective are public service announcements at reducing sexual assault on campus? How do Israeli and American late-night comedy shows respond to threats to freedom of the press? How does Twitter define Blackness?

A student researcher places electrodes on a participant at a computer station.

Institute for Communication Research

The Institute for Communication Research is your gateway to pioneering social science media research. Enhance your classroom learning by taking advantage of research opportunities with Media School faculty and graduate students in the ICR. The ICR supports survey research, focus groups and content analysis of media in addition to psychophysiology labs to measure heart rate, skin conductance, facial muscle coding and eye tracking.

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From sports to politics, it’s all about data. The ability to conduct, interpret and apply scientific research will set you apart in any sector of the media industry. This concentration is useful for students interested in careers in advertising, public relations, audience research, media management and marketing, among others. It’s also a foundation for graduate work in media research.

Jared Solow

I was able to find my passion by taking risks, and it all started at IU.

Jared Solow, BA’11, product marketing manager at Comcast Spotlight