Cinema and Media Arts — Studies and Production

What you’ll learn

  • how to create original works in cinematography, editing, film production, field and location production, documentary production, scriptwriting, studio production, audio and many other media
  • technical and professional skills essential to careers in motion picture production for cinema, television and some aspects of games and web
  • to identify and employ emerging technologies throughout the creative process
  • to analyze cinema, television, digital and aural media by applying a variety of theoretical and historical concepts and critical techniques


You’ll take a mix of hands-on production courses and film theory classes. Here are a few experiences to look forward to.

A student kneels on a rock ledge looking over the city of Los Angeles.

Semester in Los Angeles

Internship program

Intern and take Media School classes in the heart of the entertainment industry. Students in the Semester in Los Angeles program live in shared apartments adjacent to the Warner Brothers and Universal Studios lots, take hands-on classes in the historic Raleigh Studios and intern at companies including NBCUniversal, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and FOX Sports.

Learn about Semester in L.A.

Short Film Production

Create a short film with the Vltava River as your backdrop. Short Film Production is a four-week field experience course in Prague. You’ll work with a Media School professor and faculty from Prague’s national film school on screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing.

Learn about Short Film Production in Prague

Documenting our Changing World

Photograph and film the landscape, culture, art, people and diverse biology of Ecuador, and create photo essays, mini documentaries, short films and a half-hour TV show about environmental change and its impact on the country’s civilization, culture and quality of life.

Learn about Documenting our Changing World

Description of the video:

Indiana University The Media School

A dinner table is shown with two plates. Someone looks up into the camera. A man takes a drink and puts his glass on the table. A couple kisses. A girl plays with dolls. A lightbulb turns on. A man carries a barrel across a parking lot. A light floats away. A man lights a cigarette while laying on a bed. A woman sinks into a bath while holding a cigarette. People put books on shelves in a library. A ballerina stretches her foot. A child plays. Waiters stand behind a bar. A man walks away. A couple runs up the stairs laughing. A man runs down stairs. A waiter pours wine into a glass. A woman walks in front of a tent in a field. Dancers dance. A man walks toward another man. A child stares at the camera. A doll comes to life. A woman looks at herself in the mirror and puts on lipstick. A woman lays down in the bath. A couple fights. A couple dances. A man puts his face in his dinner plate. A woman puts her cigarette out in her mashed potatoes.

60 seconds

Black Film Center/Archive


The Black Film Center/Archive is a resource for scholars, students and researchers studying films and related materials by and about African-Americans. Included are films that have substantial participation by African-Americans as writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians and consultants, as well as those that depict some aspect of black experience.

Visit the BFC/A’s website

Center for Documentary Research and Practice


The Center for Documentary Research and Practice supports faculty and students who make documentaries; serves as a research hub for historical, theoretical and critical research on nonfiction film and video; and hosts visiting artists and scholars who are working on projects with nonfiction media components. The center provides direct assistance in the form of technological and creative support for projects, and it also serves as a forum for faculty and students to present completed and in-process work.

Visit the CDRP’s website


This concentration will prepare you for careers in motion picture production for cinema and television, for game- and web-based communication and for careers in teaching and writing about media. Through our alumni network, including the “Hollywood Hoosiers,” we’ll introduce you to veterans in all aspects of the business who will connect you to meaningful internships and guide you along your career path.

Kyle Benham

Do you want to be a writer? Write now. Write every day. Want to direct? Find another student that wants to be a writer, and direct their scripts. Want to produce? Find another student that wants to direct, and produce their projects. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to achieve your goals.

Kyle Benham, BA’09, field producer of “Carpool Karaoke the Series”