Game Design

Possible careers

  • Animator
  • Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Sound designer
  • Project manager
  • Game designer 
  • Game artist
A student smiles and looks around the edge of a laptop screen.

2,858U.S. video game company locations

$60,000median starting salary for Media School game design graduates

$97,000average video game design industry salary in 2016

The specializations available to you depend on your degree program and concentration, so be sure to check with your academic adviser before making any curriculum choices.

Jenna Hoffstein

My time at IU firmly anchored my design knowledge while letting me be comfortable exploring different genres and platforms as the industry changes from year to year.

Jenna Hoffstein, MS’11, play designer at Hasbro and founder at Little Worlds Interactive

Helpful classes

Introduction to Games

Build a deep game literacy by breaking down games into their different components. Learn how to learn a new game quickly, teach complex games to others and recognize and excel at the many different games played in everyday life.

Game Art and Sound

Learn the concepts, techniques and tools for creating audio, visual and narrative assets used in computer games and digitally mediated environments. Create original sounds, write and edit computer code, and author multiform narratives while studying roles in emerging and complex systems.

Game Workshop I: Prototype

Develop and implement a game design project with a team. This is part one of the three-semester game workshop, which results in a completed video game created by student groups.

Hands-on experience


GameDev@IU is a student-run organization that promotes hands-on experience for students interested in game design. It hosts events such as workshops and game jams, and provides a platform for game development collaboration.

Learn more about GameDev@IU
A student looks into a set of virtual reality goggles.
A student's hands as they work on a design on a writing tablet
Two students work on creating a video game on their laptop.