Radio-Television Building

Studio 5

Studio 5 is a 2,800- square foot studio that recently was converted into a soundstage. Students can film projects with complete control over their productions, including design. The soundstage features movable ceiling panels, walls, windows and more, with a business scene (coffee house/ restaurant) and an apartment scene customizable to student project needs. Features include:

  • 30-foot Jimmy Jib Lite
  • ETC Element light board
  • DMX and traditional studio dimmer lighting
  • Round-D-Round Doorway Dolly 
  • INCA 12, Arri 2K lights

Studio 6

Studio 6 is used by WTIU Public Television. It was converted to full high-definition in late 2006 and is one of the few teaching facilities in the entire country with this capability. Features include:

  • Thompson LDK-4000 HD digital studio cameras
  • 30-foot Jimmy Jib
  • Teleprompters
  • Grass Valley Kayak DD digital switcher
  • Chyron Duet CG
  • Digital disk recording and playback
  • Full complement of studio equipment

Production lab

The production lab is a workspace with equipment checkout and Macintosh workstations available for class projects. It features:

  • 4K camcorders and a full complement of lighting, audio and support equipment
  • More than 20 Macintosh production stations
  • Adobe CC Software, including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects and Audition
  • WhisperRoom sound isolation enclosure
  • Four isolated editing PCs with connectivity to Blackmagic Design UltraScope
  • Music and graphics elements libraries
  • Sound-treated audio editing suite
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Other facilities

Students have access to one other studio and lab space each.

The studio space offers:

  • 7.1 digital audio
  • Two sound editing bays
  • Space for viewing, auditions and Skyping with industry professionals

In addition, you can use the DaVinci Lab in Fine Arts 215, which houses high-end computer graphics resources, including Macintosh and Silicon Graphics workstations with peripherals.

Studio rental

The IU community can sometimes rent out studios in the Radio-TV Building and use the production services of our students.

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