Saul Kutnicki

Associate Instructor

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    Wells Library 044
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    By Appointment
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  • Research and Creative Interests

    film history, rhetoric and judgment, politics and aesthetics of obsolescence, space and place, life history of objects and material culture, media archiving and preservation,


    Saul Kutnicki is a PhD candidate in Communication and Culture at Indiana University. His dissertation, “Impermanent Cinema and Rhetorical Histories of Decline” focuses on the multiple sites and material histories of cinema and film that have been uniquely impacted by forces of decay, abandonment, and obsolescence, and which invite the reformulation of a rhetorical history of movie culture. He has presented on this topic at annual conferences held by the National Communication Association, The Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Rhetoric Society of America Biennial Conference, Film & History, and Media Fields. 

    Saul also works as a Programming Assistant for the Black Film Center/Archive and as an Archivist Assistant at the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive, where he works in film handling and preservation, acquisitions, programming, and promotion. 

    Recent publications: 

    “Wayfinding Media and Neutralizing Control at the American Shopping Mall.” Critical Studies in Media Communication, (2018) vol. 35, issue 5, pp. 401-419  

    Recent guest edited journals:

    “A Rhetorical Bestiary.” with Eds. Jeremy G. Gordon, Katherine D. Lind, and Saul Kutnicki. Rhetoric Society Quarterly (2017) vol 47. issue 3. Issue includes original essays from: Alex C. Parrish, Diane M. Keeling, Jonathan M. Gray, Emily Plec, Henry Hughes, & Jackson Stalley, Julie “Madrone” Kalil Schutten & Caitlyn Burford, Kristin Pomykala, Diane Davis, Debra Hawhee.  

    Upcoming presentations:

    “Moving Spaces: Shopping mall sensations in the final hour-ReCuT” National Communication Association, Salt Lake City, UT Nov 8-11, 2018.

    “Putting ‘The Rest’ to Rest: Visual Culture and the Last Days of Kodak.” Media School MSCH-600 Media Arts and Sciences Colloquium. Dec 7, 2018.