Ozen Bas

PhD Candidate

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    Political communication, political participation, collective action, media images, visual communication, social psychology, social media, social protest images,


    I am a Ph.D. Candidate at the Media School, Indiana University. In 2008 I received my BA from Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey) in two majors: Sociology & Political Science and International Relations. From there I head to the United Kingdom where I received an MA in Political Communication (with merit) from the University of Leeds (2009). My master's thesis research looked into the online news environment's potential for constituting a democratic public sphere. Specifically, I studied news user comments on and discussions of web news stories, looking for markers of political participation: interactivity, rationality, diversity and politeness.

    In general, my research interests lie at the intersection of media (both traditional and new) and democracy. I have investigated the broad concept of informed citizenship in experimental research to assess what might be driving information acquisition divides between more and less disadvantaged members of society.

    My dissertation project is about how visual social media content may lead to collective action participation.



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