Danielle Kilgo

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    Race, Gender, Journalism, Digital Media, Social Media, Framing, Visual Communication, Social Movements, Media Images, Disability,


    Danielle K. Kilgo (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) is an assistant professor of journalism at The Media School. Her research focuses on race, gender and disability issues in visual and digital communication. Currently, she concentrates on the international media coverage of social movements, particularly recent protests against violence and racism in the United States. Kilgo has studied the influence of framing on audience interpretation, the affective responses to photographs, and the news redistribution practices of social media users.  Her work appears in academic journals such as the Journal of CommunicationJournalism, Journalism Practice, Digital Journalism, Mass Communication & SocietyHealth Communication, and the International Journal of Communication.

    She currently teaches Visual Communication, Graphic Design, and Social Media Movements. She serves as the advisor for the Indiana University Student Chapter of the National Association for Black Journalists. Kilgo has previously instructed courses related to photography, entrepreneurial journalism, and international reporting.  Previously, Kilgo worked as a photojournalist and public relations professional. 

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    Recent Selected Publications

    Kilgo, D.K., Ng, Y.M., Riedl, M. & Lacasa, I. (in press). Reddit's Veil of Anonymity: Predictors of site engagement and participation in media environments with hostile reputations.  Social Media + Society. 

    Kilgo, D.K., Boulter, T.R., & Coleman, R. (2018). Face Value: Linking nonverbal cues to character traits in impression formation of politicians. International Journal of Communication.

    Kilgo, D.K.& Mourão, R. R. (2018). Martin to Brown: How time and platform impact coverage of the Black Lives Matter movementJournalism Practice.  

    Mourão, R.R.; Kilgo, D. K.; Sylvie, G. (2018) Framing Ferguson: The interplay of advocacy frames, journalistic frames and sourcing in newspaper coverage of Michael BrownJournalism. 

    Kilgo, D. K., Harlow, S., García Perdomo, V., & Salaverría, R. (2018) From #Ferguson to #Ayotzinapa: Analyzing the Differences in Domestic and Foreign Protest News Shared on Social MediaMass Communication & Society.

    Kilgo, D.K., Yoo, J., & Johnson, T. (2018) Spreading Ebola Hype: Newspaper and Social Media Coverage of the 2014 Ebola Health Crisis. Health Communication. 

    Kilgo, D.K., Lough, K., & Riedl, M. (2017) Emotional appeals and news values as factors of shareworthiness in Ice Bucket Challenge news coverage. Digital Journalism

    Harlow, S., Salaverría, R., Kilgo, D.K., and García Perdomo, V. (2017). Protest Paradigm in Multimedia: Social Media Sharing of Coverage about the Crime of Ayotzinapa, Mexico. Journal of Communication.

    Kilgo, D.K.,  Harlow, S., Garcia-Perdomo, V., Salaverria, R. (2016). A New Sensation: An international exploration of sensationalism and social media recommendations in online news publications. Journalism