Service Learning

Students at The Media School will have many opportunities for learning experiences, including travel outside the course structure and courses that offers service-learning components.


For service-learning classes, professors and instructors incorporate the city and surrounding area into classroom projects. Students’ coursework involves interacting with non-campus groups, such as civic organizations, nonprofits and volunteer groups.

Coursework ranges from teaching high school students how to use technology to creating multimedia packages that highlight social service efforts.

Course offerings include:

  • MSCH-P351 Video Field and Post Production: Students produce in-depth service/informational videos.
  • MSCH-P354 Program Graphics and Animation: Students produce short, animated public service announcements for client organizations.
  • MSCH-P356 TV Studio Production: Students produce short public service announcements for client organizations.
  • MSCH-R428 Public Relations Research and Planning: Students conduct research (interviews, focus groups and surveys) for the city of Bedford to assist the mayor’s office with its diversity initiative.
  • MSCH-R429 Public Relations Campaigns: Students work with nonprofit organizations in the community to create public relations campaigns, from assessing clients’ objectives to developing crisis communications strategies.
  • MSCH-R431 Public Relations for Nonprofits: Students work with a local or national nonprofit to provide public relations support.


Non-course experiences:


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