Honors Programs

The Media School offers enhanced academic opportunities to its top students through honors programs.

There are two paths to a departmental honors notation. Incoming freshmen may apply to our cohort honors programs: the Ernie Pyle Scholars program and the Media Scholars program. Rising juniors with strong academic records are invited to join the Academic Honors Program.

Cohort Honors Programs

Our Ernie Pyle Scholars and Media Scholars programs offer honors classes, travel and professional development opportunities, and mentorship to about 30 students in each graduating class.

Academic Honors Program

The Academic Honors Program rewards strong academic performance, the successful completion of two honors seminars and the completion of a senior thesis or creative project.

Hutton Honors College

Media School students may also pursue the university’s Hutton Honors Notation.

Honors Societies

High-achieving Media School students may be invited to join any of three national honors societies.

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