Meet Our Alumni

Meet Our Alumni

Our alumni are working in all forms of media and storytelling as well as academia. Whether they earn bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees, they take their Media School education and experiences with all over the world.

Meet a few of our alumni who earned bachelor’s degrees:

Bachelor of Arts

Shadow shot of ODIA team

Ryan Black, ’12, and Tom Miller, BAJ’12, now working at their own company, Fox Frame Productions

Long hours and a love for storytelling through film lead Ryan Black and Tom Miller to eventually found Fox Frame Productions, a video production company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Their documentary film, One Day in April, about the Little 500 race, released in 2015. While the two are dreamers at heart, IU gave them the technical know-how to make those dreams a reality.

“We’ve discovered the preparation and paperwork that we were taught to do at IU is actually really beneficial in the real world, especially when balancing multiple projects,” Black said. “I also can’t help but think about my intro production class every time I set up lights or correctly put away a long XLR cable.”

Hannah Fidell, BA’07, filmmaker/director

fidell-webFilms by director Hannah Fidell, BA’07, have debuted at Sundance and have been nominated for Grand Jury Awards at SXSW for six years running. Her film, A teacher, has been picked up for a series on HBO.  In 2012, Filmmaker Magazine named Fidell one of the 25 new faces of independent film. Fidell keeps her connections to IU through visits to campus, such as her participation in the Directed by Women series in fall 2015.

Alex Maloney, BAJ’08, NFL Network

Alex Maloney said he approached the position as production assistant as graduate school. Since he was going to be at a national network for the most popular sport in the country, he didn’t know how long he was going to be there for and he wanted to make the most of it. His advice for new grads?

“It’s not about how much money you make,” he said. “It’s about where can I go to get the best opportunities. It may not be the first job offered to you. You have to find the place and people that are going to invest in you.”

Lauren Morton, BA’14, now working as a design intern for SRRN Games

Morton found her way in the video game design field by getting involved early on. Her experiences at Hoosier Games helped prepare her for future internships and opportunities in real life game design companies.

“I think the greatest thing that Hoosier Games teaches is how to be a member of a production team,” she said. “You can learn software alone, you can study design alone, you can learn to program alone. But you can only learn to be a team member by being on a team.”