Bachelor of Science in Game Design

Design. Build. Collaborate.

Game design is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary field focused on creating interactive experiences that can be used in work and play. Whether you are looking to create games with commercial appeal, for use in educational settings or as ways to better understand the world’s problems, the bachelor’s degree will give you a well-rounded base from which to find your own path.

The Media School program takes a systems-based approach to game design, emphasizing the creative symbiosis that develops when game designers combine powerful new media platforms and state-of-the-art animation to translate their vision into compelling virtual realities.

The degree shares its structure with the other undergraduate degrees offered in The Media School, including The Media Core (Managing, Making, Thinking Media) and all college degree requirements, but does not require a concentration. The B.S. does not require a specific specialization.

As an alternative to the specializations, and in keeping with the pre-professional design of B.S. degrees, students complete 45 credit hours of courses focused on the skills and knowledge required of game designers.

Students with strong interests in game programming, graphic design and animation, or music composition and sound production for multimedia will be allowed to count approved courses completed in Informatics, Fine Arts Studio and the Jacob School of Music towards completion of these electives.


Meet your teachers:

Meet game design program professor Ted Castronova, an economist-turned-video game professor who has been playing video games himself since the 1970s. What he loves now: When students stay in the classroom long after class has ended to continue discussing their game design projects.