About the Media Placement Exam

MSCH-C225 Reporting, Writing and Editing is a working seminar stressing the creation of journalistic stories for diverse audiences. Students will learn to develop story ideas, gather information, combine visual and verbal messages, and to write and edit news.

There are two prerequisites for MSCH-C225 Reporting, Writing and Editing. In addition to completion of the English composition requirement, students also must complete either MSCH-J 170 Wordsmithing or the Media Placement Exam (MPE) with a minimum score of 35 before they will be allowed to enroll in C225.

The exam covers Associated Press style, as well as the basics of journalistic writing and editing.

We offer the placement exam in MSCH-C101 each semester and also once just before registration begins and again just after it has started. The earlier you take it, the more likely you will have the necessary prerequisite before your registration appointment date. Consult the Schedule of Classes for exam dates and locations.

Remember, you will not be able to enroll in C225 unless you’ve met the prerequisites. If you hope to take C225 in the summer, you must have passed the MPE during the previous semester.

You first register for the MPE by completing the online form here. You will be notified of your admission to a Canvas course that includes exam preparation materials. Your name will be added to the roster of students who will be allowed to enter the classroom on the exam day.

Physical attendance at the exam is required. You may take the exam using a laptop, tablet or smart phone. All who pass the exam will be informed via email within three days. The registration computer will waive your prerequisite (you still must have completed the English composition requirement, however).

Those who do not pass the exam are advised to enroll in MSCH-J170 Wordsmithing, although you may take the MPE as often as it is offered. Students studying abroad or transferring from another university should consult with their adviser about how to take the exam.