About the Media Placement Exam

Some of the Media School’s writing courses have the Media Placement Exam as prerequisite, including MSCH-C225 Reporting, Writing and Editing—a required course for the BA Journalism degree. This web page explains methods you may use to complete this prerequisite prior to registration.

MSCH-C225 Reporting, Writing and Editing is a working seminar stressing the creation of journalistic stories for diverse audiences. Students will learn to develop story ideas, gather information, combine visual and verbal messages, and to write and edit news.

There are two prerequisites for MSCH-C225: 1) completion of the English composition requirement and 2) completion of MSCH-J 170 Wordsmithing or a passing score on the Media Placement Exam (MPE).

The English composition requirement is described at: https://gened.indiana.edu/requirements/index.html

MSCH-J 170 is described at: http://mediaschool.indiana.edu/degrees/undergraduate/courses/

The MPE is described here. It covers Associated Press style, as well as the basics of journalistic writing and editing including grammar and syntax.

The MPE is given about mid-term during every section of MSCH-C 101 Media during one of the Friday discussion sections. Upon enrollment in C101, consult the course syllabus for the exact exam date. The exam is given online, is multiple-choice and takes no more that 20 minutes to complete.

Students who pass the MPE during C101 have the prerequisite waived automatically and can enroll in C225 or other courses that require the MPE in the following semester or summer session (provided other prerequisites are also completed).

Students who miss the exam day during C101, transfer into IUB from another campus or university, are studying abroad or who wish to register for C225 concurrently with C101 may take the MPE by registering for a make-up MPE offered by the Indiana University Evaluation Services and Testing center.

To do so, first register for the MPE by completing the online form here. You will be notified of your admission to a Canvas course that includes exam preparation materials and you will work with IUEST staff to schedule the make-up exam.

The fee for taking the MPE at IUEST is $15 payable in cash only. There is no fee if taken during C101.

Physical attendance at the exam (whether in C101 or at IUEST) is required. You may take the exam using a laptop, tablet or smart phone. All who pass the exam will be informed via email and will have the prerequisite waived within four weekdays. (Note: You must still complete the English composition requirement. See above.).

Those who do not pass the exam are advised to enroll in MSCH-J170 Wordsmithing during the next semester, although you may take the MPE at IUEST again if desired. There is, however, a limit of six attempts per semester. Students studying abroad or transferring from another university should consult with their adviser about how to take the exam.


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