Undergraduate Degrees

All Media School students will complete a few common courses, including an introductory course offering an overview of 21st century media. Students will take at least one class in each of three areas: Making Media (skills and technological knowledge); Thinking Media (critical thinking about media and its impact on culture, race, gender and other topics); and Managing Media (history, economics, law and policy).

Then, students may customize their Media School experiences by selecting from a variety of courses, allowing them to graduate as specialists in their fields. For example, a student who wants to focus on cinema may take classes to learn about the history and theory of film across a broad range of regional or global frameworks. Or, the student may opt to learn techniques for creating products using emerging technology for use in television, games or websites. The array of courses will reflect the school’s dedication to offering “thinking” as well as “making”  and “managing” experiences.

Degrees, majors, concentrations, certificates and minors

Are you already a Media School student? 

If you are a student who entered the program before fall 2015, you may wish to checkout the Course Conversion page to see how journalism, telecommunications, and communication and culture courses have been translated to Media School course numbers. Or, you may link directly to these “crosswalk” pages that show you the new prefixes and titles.

For all students: 


Contact Information:

Director of Undergraduate Studies Emily Metzgar
The Media School
Franklin Hall 230E
601 E. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405



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