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An environment of endless curiosity

Whether you’re looking to switch careers, enhance your existing skill set or advance toward a position in academia, The Media School offers a unique path to help you reach your goal. And you’ve found us at an exciting point in our history. Building on a foundation established more than 100 years ago, we’ve revamped our program to make it one of the broadest and most flexible in the country. In 2016, we moved to a historic building that’s been stripped to its core and rebuilt with the most advanced technology available. Here’s just some of what we offer:

What else makes our program unique? We offer funding opportunities to both M.A. and Ph.D. students, including full tuition waivers and additional stipends, through teaching and assisting with Media School courses.

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Master of Arts

If you’re considering a Ph.D. in media or aiming for a research or analysis career in media, communications, film studies and related fields, our M.A. in Media Arts and Sciences is the perfect starting point.


Our Ph.D. program in Media Arts and Sciences will allow you to drill down into your area of interest while exploring interdisciplinary collaborations with the humanists, social scientists and media professionals on our faculty.

Master of Science

The M.S. in Media will prepare you for a professional career making media and managing media organizations. Choose from among four concentrations:

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Meet Director of Graduate Studies Andrew Weaver

Among your professors and mentors are researchers and scholars, including your director, Andrew Weaver. He and his students are studying morality and how we make decisions.

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