Travel Handbook

Traveling with The Media School

Welcome to your Media School travel program! The Media School strongly believes international experiences benefit students in many ways, and we are pleased to coordinate faculty-led study abroad programs that contribute to our students’ academic knowledge and cultural growth.

Currently in its 13th year, The Media School’s field experience course program has grown from offering two travel courses to an impressive portfolio that has taken students to nearly every continent. Each year we offer a combination of repeating courses and new courses, all of which are faculty-proposed and selected with the intention of providing opportunities for all Media School majors in a variety of destinations.

This section provides an overview of what to expect as you prepare for and travel with a Media School field experience course. It answers many frequently asked questions but is not exhaustive nor trip-specific. There will be many other details that are relevant to your specific trip, and these will be communicated to you via email, your course instructor and/or Canvas during the coming months.

The information in this section is critical. Please read it carefully. It is important that you pay close attention to all information shared with you, read every document thoroughly, uphold every deadline and respond in a timely manner to requests for information by your course instructor and Media School staff.


Contact Kristin Martindale, administrative and program coordinator.