Travel Handbook

Returning home

Students often describe their travel experiences as “life-changing," but have difficulty explaining how the experience has impacted them specifically. You can learn to connect your recent experiences to your own goals and plans for the future by developing a habit of self-reflection. Consider how your time abroad will shape decisions you make for your future in both your personal and professional life. Take some time to allow your recent encounters to digest, then find a way to intentionally reflect upon new thoughts and emotions as you begin to observe them.

Coming home from an impactful experience abroad can also be disorienting. It is common to experience reverse culture shock, even after a short time away. There are many resources to turn to if you begin to feel this way, including your classmates and faculty who traveled with you. You can also reach out to The Media School's student services program coordinator and review the Office of Overseas Study's re-entry resources.

Post-trip survey

The week after you return from your trip, you will be asked to complete an online survey about your time abroad.

This feedback is very important to us — not only is it a reporting requirement of the Office of Overseas Study, it also gives us valuable insight into the program and allows us to make adjustments and continual improvements for future iterations of the course. You will be given a deadline, usually 10-14 days later, to complete the survey.

Your responses will be anonymous, but we will be able to tell whether you have completed the survey. Your trip leader may choose to make completion of this survey a component of your course grade.

Sharing photographs

You will likely take many amazing photographs during your trip. The Media School wants to show future students what each trip has to offer, and will give you the opportunity to share your favorite photos with us through a shared cloud folder in the weeks following your return. By sharing photos to this folder, you grant The Media School permission to republish these photographs in future web and print communications.


Contact Eliza Erxleben, director of student services.