Alcohol & Drug Policy

Alcohol and drug travel policy

As a participant in a trip at least partly funded by The Media School, it is important for you to understand the alcohol and drug policy governing your actions.


The Media School and its representatives will not provide alcohol to participants at any time during the trip.

Participants are to avoid alcohol before and during transit, including layovers. Please keep in mind that airlines may refuse to allow you to board if you are drunk.

In all cases, you should follow local law. If your host country does not allow the consumption of alcohol at your age, you are expected to abstain.

No illegal (controlled) drugs are allowed at any time.


If you choose to consume alcohol, you are expected to drink moderately and responsibly.

If the local law allows you to consume alcohol and you wish to do so on your own free time and at your own expense, you may. You may not consume alcohol during any organized portion of your travel experience, and are expected to be clear and present for all required activities (i.e., not hungover).


Participants who fail to adhere to the above stated rules will be disciplined at the discretion of the faculty, staff or chaperones. Possible disciplinary actions may include:

  • lowering the participant’s grade in the corresponding course.
  • reporting the participant’s misconduct to the Office of Student Ethics.
  • sending the participant to the hotel room/restricting the participant to the hotel room.
  • sending the participant back to the U.S. at his/her own expense.

Please be aware that if you get in trouble with the local law authorities, The Media School and Indiana University may be limited in the help they are able to provide. It is the participant’s responsibility to respect local laws and exercise good judgment.


Contact Eliza Erxleben, director of student services.