Petition for course equivalency

Overseas study and non-IU transfer credit

Use this form if you would like to have transfer credit evaluated to count toward your Media School degree as other than undistributed credit as determined by the Admissions Office. You must have a syllabus from an accredited institution. You may list up to four courses on this form if they are from the same institution. Please use a separate form for each college or university.

Your transfer credit may come from another American college or university or from a study abroad program. Before you submit this request, please search IU’s Credit Transfer Service database at to determine whether or  not your course has been previously evaluated. This database  lists evaluated Overseas Study courses and how they are set to  automatically transfer to IU Bloomington. For IU sponsored programs, please also check the Office of Overseas Study course lists for how that course credit is set to transfer.

Please be aware that courses from foreign universities NOT sponsored by IU may not count toward degree requirements, although they may count as elective credit toward your major.


Contact Marilyn Behrman, undergraduate administrative services coordinator.