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Emma Shreve, Digital Cinema Academy

"My favorite part of the camp, I think, has been working on the short films because it has really given me like a lot of experience with film that I never had before."

Brody Lassner, Digital Cinema Academy

"My favorite part has honestly been being able to spend the entire week with people that just seem to get it. I can come out of my shell I guess and know that everyone can relate to my experiences and my interests, and it really helps me feel like I belong."

Film of the program's participants working and learning is shown. A group photo is shown.

Nathaniel Caudill, Digital Cinema Academy

"What will definitely stick with me the most from the Digital Cinema Academy is being able to talk to big-time Hollywood producers and being able to ask questions and put them in pretty much a one-on-one environment. It's really enlightening to show not only the talent but the mindset that you have to have."

Joleena Mundy, Digital Cinema Academy

"I never really had much experience in like recording video and stuff like that. I've always been like I need to buy a camera and stuff like this, so I was hoping that by coming here I would learn a lot more about editing video, everything that is involved with it."

Program participants are shown filming and editing video on computer screens.

Mundy continues:

"It's actually been better than my expectations, where I wasn't expecting like so many people to be in like the lectures and stuff like that. It's been better than what I ever could imagine."

Participants are shown sitting in a lecture hall. Other participants are shown working behind computer screens.

Jaicey Bledsoe, Digital Cinema Academy

"Also, learning the things that we learned here — I brought notebook, and I was like writing in the notebook the entire time during the lectures, trying to jot down everything, all the little points that I needed to going forward.

Program participants are shown listening to a lecture and taking notes.

Bledsoe continues:

"That's definitely going to be something that I'm able to look over and reread and study. I've got a little blueprint now that I can use."

Participants are shown looking at film negatives.

Jake Rebein, Digital Cinema Academy

"The point of me coming to this camp was for me to learn and soak in as much information as I could.

Participants work together editing film on computers.

"Just being around a ton of people who are really advanced just rubbed off on me.

A cinema professor lectures to the participants. People talk to each other and work in groups.

Anna Brown, Digital Cinema Academy

"The staff is really nice. They know how to work all the equipment. They're very experienced in their field, so I think that's really good to help the campers learn."

Participants are seen setting cameras up on tripods outside on campus.

Shreve talks:

"The campus is beautiful, and it really gave me a good look at what being on IU's campus as a student would be like."

Mundy talks:

"Coming here made me more inspired and feeling more confident that I'm able to like actually make a short film."

Bledsoe is shown working with another participant to film.

Bledsoe talks:

"I know how to make my own opportunities, and if I hadn't been able to be here, that would be drastically different. I'd probably still really be like waiting and dreaming about film instead of doing."

The Media School, Cinema Academy
Video by Christina Mercedes
Music: "How About Nah" by roljui

The Cinema Academy offers weeklong, hands-on summer programs for high school filmmakers. Work with our award-winning faculty, train on industry-standard equipment and spend a week on our beautiful campus.

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