Gulf Islands National Seashore

Use your skills to help preserve the national seashore

Use your storytelling and media skills to create promotional videos to help the National Park Service fulfill its mission of preserving the seashore’s natural resources.

Students will work directly with the National Park Service staff on a variety of media-related volunteer projects to be used in promotional and educational programs. The trip will combine service learning with hands-on, professional experience.

This is a noncredit-bearing service learning opportunity; it is not a component of a Media School class.

If accepted, you will be required to participate in preparatory meetings and complete preparatory work.

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Two men take photos of something out of frame.

Student work

Description of the video:

[Video: Upbeat guitar music plays]

[Video: Words appear: Gone Camping]

[Video: The National Park Service logo in in the bottom corner of the screen]

[Video: A man pulls hot dog buns out of a bag and puts them on a mini grill]

[Video: Two young girls play on a hammock]

Man speaks: Well we just recently got the access pass

[Video: Man seated in a lawn chair at the campsite]

Man speaks: and we like to come to the beach


[Video: A boy rides a skateboard]


Man speaks: for spring break. So far, we've thoroughly enjoyed it,


[Man seated with other campers]


Man speaks: and we're able to use the access pass to get half off of our camping, so that worked well.

[Video: Children and adults eat a meal at a picnic table]


[Video: woman seated in a lawn chair]


Woman speaks: Yesterday, I think I was the only person walking on the beach,


[Video: A long shot of the beach, showing white sand and calm waters]


Woman speaks: which is unheard of.


[Video: woman seated in a lawn chair]


Woman speaks: It's just enchanting.


[Video: The campground site filmed from a moving vehicle]


Woman speaks: I think it's one of the best-kept secrets. And I've been all over the world.

[Video: Campers eat at a picnic table in front of their tent]


[Video: Young campers eat and talk]


[Video: Hot dogs being grilled]


[Video: A man seated in a lawn chair]


Man speaks: The ability to go to the fort


[Video: Sand and bushes along the road]

Man speaks: or to walk to the bay,


[Video: A small black dog lays in the grass at the campsite]


[Video: A man seated in a lawn chair]


Man speaks: there's plenty of things to do to keep us busy and yet relaxed at the same time.


[Video: Two young campers play on a hammock]


[Video: The National Park Service logo appears]