Borders, Nation Formation, and the Transnational in the U.K.

A story of borders

Trace the history of nation formation within the United Kingdom, and document the critical changes it’s undergoing. Borders, Nation Formation, and the Transnational in the U.K. is a four-credit, summer semester course that includes a three-week trip to England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Taught by professor of practice Elaine Monaghan, senior lecturer Craig Erpelding and Spanish professor Deborah Cohn, this course is part of IU’s bicentennial Grand Expedition, a multi-departmental tribute to the “summer tramps” IU offered in the 1880s and 1890s. Students will be in the U.K. during a critical juncture in its Brexit process, which is redefining Europe’s borders and transnational relationships.

Students will collaborate on multimedia reports, including feature stories, blog posts, podcasts, timelapse videos and mini-documentaries.

Details on cost and eligibility are available on the Bicentennial website.

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Travel dates

June 17-July 6, 2020


Applications are due Jan. 31.

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