X498: Research in Media

To enroll in X498, propose an independent research project that yields insight into any aspect of media practice or theory. Your proposal must be developed under the guidance of a sponsoring full-time faculty member.

Media School majors may enroll in one to three credit hours of X498 in any semester and may earn no more than four X498 credit hours in total.

Credit hours

The number of credit hours you can earn for your project depends on the average amount of weekly work it will entail over the course of the full semester.

Hours requirements
Hours of work per weekCredit hours
11 or more3

Projects undertaken during summer sessions require:

  • Twice as many weekly hours if over an eight-week session
  • Three times as many if over a six-week session
  • Four times as much if over a four-week session

In all cases, regular faculty supervision and guidance must be incorporated into the project plan.

Guidelines and requirements

Students will be required to show evidence of satisfactory completion of relevant courses in the school before undertaking independent study. Your independent study will not be approved if you have an incomplete recorded for a previous MSCH-X498, MSCH-J499 or JOUR-J499. Plan your workload carefully.

All projects should be completed in the semester of registration.

Registration in X498 is normally limited to Media School majors with senior standing.

Costs related to a student-initiated research project will be borne by the student.


Enrollment in X498 requires a proposal, which must be approved before you can register. Download, complete and print the proposal form, and submit it Marilyn Behrman, undergraduate administrative coordinator, in Franklin Hall 230, before the end of the first week of the semester.

Download the proposal form


Contact Emily Metzgar, director of undergraduate studies.