Media Placement Exam

The MPE is not required for MSCH-C225 for fall 2020. The requirement has been waived because of the coronavirus outbreak. Please direct any questions about this to your academic advisor.

About the Media Placement Exam

The Media School curriculum incorporates a Media Placement Exam for some of its writing courses, including MSCH-C 225: Reporting, Writing and Editing – a required course for the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree.

The purpose of the exam is to ensure that students who sign up for classes like C225 are fully prepared to succeed, and that includes understanding grammar and writing rules students will be expected to incorporate into their writing.

There are two prerequisites for MSCH-C225:

  • Completion of the English composition requirement, and
  • Completion of MSCH-J170 Wordsmithing or a passing score on the Media Placement Exam

What does it cover?

The MPE covers Associated Press style, journalistic writing basics and grammar rules.

The exam is multiple choice and administered online. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

How do I take it?

The MPE is proctored mid-semester in every section of MSCH-C 101 Media. Course syllabi will include the exact exam date.

Students who miss exam day in C101, transfer to IUB from another campus or university, are studying abroad or wish to register for C225 concurrently with C101 may register for the MPE offered by IU’s Evaluation Services and Testing center. The exam is free if taken in C101, but costs $15 if taken through IUEST.

Those who do not pass the exam are advised to enroll in MSCH-J170 Wordsmithing during the next semester. The MPE may be taken again if desired, but there is a limit of six attempts per semester.