Media Scholars Travel and Professional Development Policy

Travel and professional development policy for Media Scholars


The Media Scholars honors program was established to offer exceptional incoming students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media or Bachelor of Science in Game Design opportunities to advance as scholars and future professionals through rigorous coursework, international travel and professional development experience.

As a Media Scholar, you are required to participate in three travel and professional development experiences:

  • regional media trip (spring semester, first year).
  • national media trip (spring break, second year).
  • international study or Semester in Los Angeles or other credited professional development experience.

The international study or professional development experience requirement can be satisfied in one of three ways:

  • participation in The Media School's Summer in London program.
  • completion of a Media School international travel course or Semester in L.A.
  • completion of an alternative international study or professional development experience that results in IU credit.

Media Scholars are automatically admitted into The Media School’s Summer in London program following their second year, and most will participate in this activity with their classmates. But the travel requirement can be satisfied by any international course resulting in IU credit. A travel course not organized by The Media School requires written permission from the honors program director, Nicole Martins, if you want it to fulfill your requirement. Similar requirements apply to pursuit of a professional development experience as outlined above.

Your written request must be copied to your honors mentor and to administrative and program coordinator Kristin Martindale. It must describe the proposed program, explaining why it should be considered an appropriate international or professional development opportunity. Permission must be granted at least one month before you begin participation in the selected program.


One of the benefits of being a Media Scholar is the financial support you receive from the school to augment your educational endeavors. The school is committed to supporting your travel and professional development. This includes funding for the regional and national media trips, a scholarship for Summer in London (amount varies by year), and a scholarship for your first Media School international course or professional internship experience (amount varies by year and by course).

The school cannot provide scholarships for non-Media School courses or experiences.


Contact Nicole Martins, director of the honors program.