MSCH-J460: Story Mechanics

Story Mechanics is an advanced reporting and writing workshop designed to guide students toward publication of professional-caliber stories that enrich their portfolios and help them land internships and jobs.

Students in the class identify the reporting experience they most need to focus on and map out a plan for producing stories to fill that gap. Some students focus on daily reporting, some on investigative work, many on narrative projects. Students must produce a minimum of 4,000 publishable words, whether they achieve that in one story or in eight.

The class operates as a writing workshop with minimal lecture and maximum student engagement. Students must be able to work independently, find and develop ideas, set and meet their own deadlines and power through multiple drafts. Students will be expected to meet with the instructor individually outside of class every week.



  • MSCH-C225
  • One other 300- or 400-level reporting course

MSCH-J460: Narrative Journalism is preferred but not required.

Preference will be given to seniors and journalism majors and to students who have published clips and time in their schedules to do the reporting the course requires.


Contact professor of practice Kelley French.