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Description of the video:

Hi everyone!

I'm Clara Isaac, a sophomore majoring in journalism with a concentration in public relations here at The Media School.

During my first semester at IU, I joined the Public Relations Student Society of America, and I was also a member of the Media Living Learning Center, where I lived, collaborated, and became friends with fellow media students.

Right now, I'm a Media School student ambassador for diversity, equity and inclusion, and I am also the co-host for the Bloomington Breakfast Club, the morning talk show for Indiana University Student Television, also known as IUSTV.

IUSTV is one of more than 20 student organizations in the media school. If you're interested in film, you can join the IU Cinema Guild. If you're a journalist, you can work for the Indiana Daily Student or join our chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. We have organizations for students interested in all aspects of the media industry. You can find out more about our student organizations, and how you can get involved right away, here on the media school's website.

IUSTV has also given me the chance to use the fantastic facilities in the school. I've spent many hours here in the Beckley Studio working on the Bloomington Breakfast Club. Maybe you're also interested in photography, or maybe you're into game design or film or audio. We have high-powered PC game labs, individual editing booths for audio and video, and a new soundstage for film. Whatever your interests are, the media school has the equipment and facilities to prepare you for your career.

Through my studies, I have been given the opportunity to take classes in an area that's growing in The Media School -- fashion, beauty and lifestyle media -- which has helped me hone in on what I want to do in my career.

So, come and join me in Bloomington and find your own media passions. Remember to reserve your seat by May 1.

See you in the fall!