Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Develop the skills needed for a career in news. Choose one concentration:

Master the foundations of reporting, editing, ethics and law, and apply them to any multimedia platform.

Learn best practices in developing and managing communication campaigns, and put them into action.

Bachelor of Arts in media

Learn to make, manage and think about media in new and innovative ways. Choose from eight concentrations:

Explore the critical, cultural, historical and aesthetic sides of film, television and other media forms.

Build the skills to create film, television, digital, screen and aural media.

Learn to shape the world through code, data, research, design and storytelling.

Learn to design, create and manage effective advertising messages and campaigns, and to assess their impact and return on investment.

Gain a nuanced comprehension of the industry’s opportunities and challenges, and fluency in creative industry management or media law and ethics.

Investigate media and their effects on the world using data and the scientific method.

Develop a critical understanding of how a wide variety of media technologies have shaped our culture in the past, and how new and emerging technologies drive our daily lives.

Master the skills needed to be a part of the sports media industry, whether you’re an aspiring sideline reporter or video producer.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in cinematic arts

Master all aspects of filmmaking, from writing to directing to post-production.

Learn about the B.F.A. in cinematic arts

Bachelor of Science in game design

Study a systems-based approach to game development, and transform your ideas into a compelling virtual reality.

Learn about the B.S. in game design

Master of Science in media

Take your media skill set to the next level with a professional master’s degree. Choose from four concentrations:

Build a portfolio of media production work, and prepare for a career in TV, film, game design or advertising.

Join the ranks of the journalism industry’s most revered professionals by launching your career as an investigative journalist.

Study creative content, media distribution, and legal and policy issues to prepare to step into a management position upon graduation.

Learn to produce polished campaigns that tell great stories.

Master of Arts in media arts and sciences

Start your journey toward a Ph.D. or a career as an industry analyst or researcher.

Learn about the M.A. in media arts and sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in media arts and sciences

Become an expert in the topic you're passionate about, and prepare for a career in academia or a high-level position in the media industry.

Learn about the Ph.D. in media arts and sciences