Audio/Video Production Facilities

On-location video production

Need to film elsewhere on campus? On-location videographer services are available for $200 for the first 90 minutes, followed by $100 per each additional hour.

This service includes one camera and lavalier microphone and is suitable for recording lectures. Delivery of media files is included.

Videographer services are available on campus only.

Audio production

Franklin Hall's audio production studio, Studio 8, is available for rent for $100 per hour.

Studio 8 is suitable for podcasts and other interview-style segments. It has phone tie-in capability and can accommodate up to eight guests. The fee includes a board operator.

Minimal setup and breakdown time is required.

Flat day rates may be available for some of our facilities.

Room rentals

The Franklin Hall commons and screening room are sometimes available for rent by parties outside The Media School.

  • Requires minimum 30-minute setup and strike times each
  • Seats 20 people


Requires minimum 30-minute setup and strike times each.

Learn more about using the commons

Technical staff assistance, at an additional rate of $25 per hour, is required for the use of the screens in either room.

Some reservations will require a Media School representative and may include an additional fee.

Make your reservation

We require a minimum of three weeks’ advance notice, and reservations are contingent on staff and facility availability.

Contact Kenny Smith for a quote or to request a reservation or services.