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Members of the Dean's Advisory Board share stories of their career paths. 

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Gerould Kern, senior vice president and editor (retired), Chicago Tribune, BA’71 speaks to the camera from Beckley Studio.

Kern: My job as editor of The Tribune was the culmination of 45 years in the business. And that really began at IU where I learned the lessons that took me all the way through my career.

Linda Voss, communication and analytics, NASA, BA’80, speaks to the camera.

Voss: I started early at Indiana University, finding my own path with the Indiana Daily Student.

Paul Tash, chairman (retired), Times Publishing Company and the Poynter Institute, BA’76, speaks to the camera.

Tash: IU really launched me on my career. I was the recipient of a scholarship that included a summer internship at the then-St. Petersburg Times in 1975. And that introduction made all the difference in my life.

Voss speaks to the camera: I invented my own science path there. I covered the first DNA lab at Indiana University.

Laura Emerick, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Sun-Times, BA’79, speaks to the camera.

Emerick: The offer came from the placement office here: We would like you to apply for post-graduate internship, editing internship, at the Chicago Sun-Times, would you be interested? And I thought, "Well, sure."

Tash speaks to the camera.

Tash: A journalism education prepares somebody not just for a career in journalism potentially, but for all kinds of other paths as well.

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Description of the video:

White background with IU trident logo and text: The Media School Indiana University.

Michael Howard, former VP of Southest Sales, Disney/ABC Television, BA’84, speaks to the camera from Beckley Studio.

Howard: I sold television shows to television stations and media groups around the country. Some of the shows I sold over the years included all the "Law and Order" franchises, "The Office," "30 Rock," "Scandal," "Grey's Anatomy" and "Blackish," to name a few. 

Nancy Callaway Fyffe, broadcast/media consultant, Fyffee Callaway & Associates, BA’72, speaks to the camera.

Callaway Fyffe: I started my career in television broadcasting. I was the first woman to direct for Indianapolis station Channel 13. 

Jason Wadler, co-CEO, JiMMYBAR, BA’89, speaks to the camera.

Wadler: And grew one of the largest digital marketing firms in the country for almost 20 years and was acquired. And since then I've been working with a number of people, actually a lot of friends who I met at Indiana University, to help grow their businesses. So it's been a wonderful journey all starting from IU. 

Howard speaks to the camera.

Howard: Indiana University prepared me as it will today's incoming students for today's marketplace.

Text: Indiana University.


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