Course Travel Funding

Course Travel Funding

The Media School provides scholarships to students in most of its international travel programs, lowering the cost to students. Indiana University offers several programs and methods to help reduce the remaining cost to you.

Hutton International Experiences Program 
Available for short-term, summer, semester or year study. Any IUB undergraduate with a cumulative GPA of 3.40 and/or a 3.7 GPA in his or her major may apply. Awards range from $500 to $2,500.


  • Summer programs: Noon the Friday before spring break
  • Fall and academic year: Noon the Friday after spring break
  • Spring semester, spring break and winter break: Noon Oct. 30

Office of Overseas Study 

The Office of Overseas Study provides many useful links for funding sources, including grants, loans and scholarships from IU and national sources.

Office of Student Financial Aid 

The Office of Student Financial Aid will work with students individually to determine need. Because travelling abroad increases the cost of attending IU in a given semester, the school will increase the expected cost to attend IU to reflect the additional cost of a travel course. Depending on a student’s personal situation, this may increase access to federal loan, grant or work-study programs.


  • Contact Katie Beck, associate director of student services, experiential education, at or 812-856-3535.
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