How do you learn the story of a university?

You talk to its people. Then you listen.

Each week, Through the Gates shines a light on the faculty, staff, students, administrators, alums and campus visitors who make Indiana University one of the most vibrant communities in the country.

We talk about research and projects. We celebrate achievements and milestones. We explore the ins, outs and roundabouts of everything from the chemistry of craft brewing to politics to “Breaking Bad.” And we have fun doing it.

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Latest Episode

Ep. 110: Guest host Terri Francis talks film with director Michael Schultz

In this special guest interview, Terri Francis, Media School associate professor and director of the Black Film Center/Archive, talks with long-time film and television director Michael Schultz. They cover Schultz's youth, industry experience and storytelling philosophy.


Ep. 87: Anthony DeCurtis, author, journalist, music critic & IU alum

More Arts & Humanities

Guests include actor Jonathan Banks and Oscar winner Bruce Joel Rubin and topics such as David Baker and Leonard Bernstein.

Ep. 86: A life of adventure: A profile of Barbara Restle

More Chronicles of IU

Guests include Olympic gold medalist Lily King, Rhodes Scholar Morgan Mohr, and journalist and IU professor Tom French.

Ep. 93: Ian Samuel and Steve Sanders on the modern Supreme Court

More Politics & the World

Guests include former Congressman Lee Hamilton and political analyst William Kristol and topics such as DACA, the international refugee crisis, and Confederate monuments.

Ep. 81: Educating on climate change with PBS' Nova producers

More Science & Tech

Guests include scientists, technologists, and researchers such as geneticist Dr. Nany Wexler, the Kinsey Institute’s Dr. Justin Garcia, and astronomer Dr. Caty Pilachowski.

Meet the Team


James Shanahan

The Media School

Jennifer Piurek

Director, Communications and Special Projects
Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President

Abigail Gipson

Multimedia intern
Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President

Emily Miles

Multimedia intern
Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President