Media Scholars

Every year, the top 16 incoming students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Media or a Bachelor of Science in Game Design are invited to join the Media Scholars honors program. These students receive enhanced opportunities during their undergraduate studies. They take honors courses in The Media School, receive subsidies for international travel courses and engage with media professionals on campus and further afield to develop their professional skills and perspectives during their degree program.

About the students:

Media Scholars are directly admitted to either the Bachelor of Arts in Media or Bachelor of Science in Game Design degree programs and are recognized as Media School majors as soon as they set foot on campus. Media Scholars are eligible to enroll in up to six special honors courses in media studies, including core degree courses and a capstone project during their senior year.

About the program:

Media Scholars travel as a group to places as near as New York to visit media organizations and network with alumni, and as far away as Los Angeles and London to spend a summer working in professional internships. 

Media Scholars also have the opportunity to meet the many media professionals who visit the school during the academic year, including participants in the school’s Speaker Series. Previous visitors have included ESPN’s Sage Steele, NPR’s Eric Deggans and Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad.

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