Cohort Honors Programs

The Media School’s cohort honors programs provide enhanced opportunities for about 30 competitively selected incoming freshman students, offering honors coursework and multiple travel and professional development opportunities as students pursue their undergraduate degrees.

Students selected for the Ernie Pyle Scholars or Media Scholars honors programs are directly admitted into their major in The Media School and are eligible to enroll in up to six special honors courses. They travel as a group locally, nationally and internationally with their faculty mentor, who advises them during their four years at The Media School.

Who is eligible:

The Media School uses Indiana University’s Selective Scholarship Application to select incoming students for participation in these two flagship honors programs. Students invited to complete the SSA will meet the following criteria:

  • An SAT score of 1300 or above (critical reading and math) OR an ACT composite score of 27 or above; AND
  • A GPA of 3.7/4.0 OR top 15 percent in graduating class.

How to apply:

The first step is to apply for admission to Indiana University by Nov. 1 and indicate your interest in journalism, media or game design.

Once admitted, students who meet the requirements will be invited to complete the SSA.

Once you complete your SSA, will be considered for admission to one of The Media School’s honors programs.


If you believe you would normally have met the standards for completion of the SSA but unusual circumstances have prevented you from fulfilling the above criteria, you may request to submit a petition for consideration.

To make this request, email Linda Hansel, honors program assistant, no later than Nov. 1.

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