SNAP., by Rebecca Elena Banks

Dec. 21, 2017

SNAP. follows the life of a deaf man named Caleb dealing with his physical disorder from the time of his birth to growth into adulthood. During the course of Caleb’s life, he is presented with the opportunity to incorporate himself into the world as it reaches out to him over and over again.

Caleb, not alienated or rejected by his friends or colleagues, ostracizes himself due to his lack of self-confidence in his abilities to perform in what he thinks is traditional social circles. Caleb learns that he is no different from the people around him as he becomes a proud parent and husband. The film shows and presents the struggles of a unique man who represents the much larger deaf community.

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Directed and written by Rebecca Elena Banks
Produced by Rebecca Elena Banks and Emelie Flower
Directors of photography: Lorrell Williams and Andrew Torbenson