Student Work

Media School students produce original films, news and feature stories, broadcasts, video games, web designs, podcasts and more in hands-on skills courses. In addition to building key skills, these experiences add to the students’ portfolios, an important tool for job searching after graduation.

Below are some examples of work students have produced in Media School classes recently.

Jan 14, 2019

“Banished from the forests, Batwa people still face discrimination,” by Lilly St. Angelo, summer 2018

Lilly St. Angelo reported on the challenges faced by members of Uganda’s Batwa tribe.

Jan 9, 2019

“Christine: A barmaid who lures fishermen into a healthier life,” by Cody Thompson, summer 2018

Cody Thompson told the story of Christine Ssentumu, a community health educator embedded as a barmaid in Ggaba, Uganda, who educates and counsels the hard-to-reach fisherman population, which experiences HIV at significantly higher rates than the rest of Uganda.Thompson wrote the story as an assignment for the class Reporting HIV/AIDS in Africa, which traveled to […]

Jan 7, 2019

2018 Men’s Little 500 Preview Show, hosted by Mary Kate Hamilton and Josh Eastern, spring 2018

his preview show for the 2018 men’s Little 500 race was produced as an assignment for the senior-level course Special Projects in Sports Media.

Jan 7, 2019

“For young women, pregnancy a greater fear than even HIV,” by Emma Atkinson, summer 2018

Young women in Uganda view unplanned pregnancy as a more serious consequence of unprotected sex than contracting HIV, reports Emma Atkinson.

Jan 4, 2019

“William leads HIV-positive men and and society toward greater understanding,” by Christine Stephenson, summer 2018

Christine Stephenson told the story of William, an HIV-positive man in Uganda who built a new life with the support of a peer support group after he lost his family, job and home because of his diagnosis.

Dec 12, 2018

Indiana Donor Network public relations campaign, fall 2018

Students in one section of the fall 2018 Public Relations Campaigns class developed a proposed campaign for the Indiana Donor Network.

Dec 11, 2018

I pray for peace of the world, by Naomi Farahan, fall 2018

Naomi Farahan told the story of the Carmonas, a Venezuelan family awaiting an asylum hearing in Bloomington, as an assignment for the class Reporting the World From Home.

Oct 26, 2018

Witch of the Woods, by Druidic LLC

In Witch of the Woods, the player is a witch who must gather ingredients in the forest in order to cast custom spells on the flora and fauna.

Oct 22, 2018

“Laya,” directed by Nandhini Giri

A 40-person team of students and faculty members, led by doctoral student Nandhini Giri, used motion capture technology and the game design engine Unreal to produce this eight-minute animated short.

Sep 20, 2018

“Kira’s Flowers at PrairiErth Farm in Illinois,” by Pealer Bryniarski, spring 2018

Pealer Bryniarski produced this story of community members teaming up on behalf of a startup flower farm in MSCH-J460: Radio Innovation.

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