Why IU Media School?

There are lots of reasons The Media School is the right place to pursue your dreams. First, the programs are all about you. The breadth and variety of classes required for each degree enable you to tailor your learning to your interests.

Then there are our award-winning faculty, leading scholars and accomplished professionals who share their expertise in classes and as mentors.

Most important are our students. You’ll learn alongside classmates who hail from all parts of the world with a variety backgrounds. But you’ll find much in common as you work on class projects, or at campus media, and as you take in the wealth of opportunities outside the classroom.

Here a few more reasons The Media School is right for you:

  • Media School facilities include state-of‐the-art digital video equipment, studios, editing and sound suites, and game production software coupled with robust training in their use.
  • The Media School houses a dedicated game design space including areas for brainstorming, production, play-testing and play.
  • The Media School offers honors programs, a living learning center and other student-focused specialized groups.
  • Several courses each year feature travel components, taking students all over the world to study media.
  • The Media School partners with IU’s Jacobs School of Music, the Department of Theatre and Drama, Hope School of Fine Arts, School of Informatics and Computing and other schools, departments and institutes to provide valuable partners for education and creative activities.
  • The Media School enjoys close relationships with Indiana University’s public television and radio stations ­‐ among the best in the country ­‐ and students regularly create media for them.
  • The Indiana University Cinema is a state-of-the-art venue that regularly invites many of the most important filmmakers in the world to present their work and give master classes.
  • The school’s Center for Documentary Research and Practice provides new ways to study documentary film.
  • Advanced degree students may receive opportunities to teach at the undergraduate level as well as train in pedagogy.

Are you ready? 


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