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Sto * ry* tell * er (n.):

One who conveys information using many forms of media, including written word, dynamic video, evocative still photos, audio narratives, interactive games and any combination of multimedia. Relies on traditional communication skills while using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

How will you tell the story?

Welcome to The Media School, the nexus of Indiana University’s acclaimed programs in journalism, communication, film and game design, a comprehensive school for students and researchers exploring storytelling through all forms of media. Our programs are designed to help you advance toward your chosen career in media, whether you want to produce documentaries, research new forms of communication, report on international events or pursue any number of other fields that require a mastery of media skills and concepts.

The Media School offers unparalleled academic and technical resources and a flexible, sophisticated curriculum. Graduates of the new school will be among the nation’s best prepared to create and understand 21st-century media.

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  • Plan a campus visit, which may include a group information session on The Media School.
  • High school students interested in meeting one-on-one with a representative from The Media School may contact 812-855-9247.

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